09 July 2011

Let's celebrate♥

Wow! We are finally there, 500 fans on Picoholic Facebook fanpage! Well, I am really really excited and a bit surprised with this! Cause Picoholic starts on 12th April, thats mean Picoholic is growing rapidly in these 3 months. Thanks everyone for your support on Picoholic! And I am going to announce the celebration for the success!

Firstly, did u guys notice the new layout here? We changed the background and the whole right column on Picoholic! Do you like them? :D

Secondly, I am here to announce the special event for the great celebration!

Take a picture of yourself or with your friends celebrating for Picoholic in
[ Daphne's room in Pico].

1. Use Pico camera to take the picture.

2. Place to take the picture : [ Daphne's Room in Pico]
My Pico Name:
( for you guys to search my room :D )

I have already redecorated the room into a party room which can help you to take a nice and pretty picture!

3.  Dress in the theme colour of Picoholic - Pastel Colour

Here are the example of Pastel Colours.

Samples of pastel colours outfit by Daphne.

Sample picures taken by Daphne :

Daphne and Zye will judge your picture by 2 criteria :
1. Your photo     2. Your outfit

Its designed that 3 - 5 photos will be selected by Daphne and Zye.
( The number of winners may change according to the number of submission received. )

Theme : Celebration for Picoholic

Date :
9 July 2011 ( Sat )  - 22 July 2011 ( Fri )

Prize : Prizes will be presented in a special and grand prize-giving ceremony
and winner will get the chance to be interviewed by Picoholic !

*Ways to submit your picture* :

for Facebook users:

1. Make sure you become a fan of Picoholic
Visit the link below and simply click the ' Like ' button.
< http://www.facebook.com/pages/Picoholic/147554205310127>

2. Take a photo with the Pico camera , then save it to your facebook album or your PC.

3. Post the picture to the [ Picoholic Fanpage Wall] with your Pico name.

for non-Facebook users :

1. Take a photo with the Pico camera, then save it to your PC.

2. Attach the picture with an email or send the link of the picture to Picoholic's email < picoholicpicoholic@yahoo.com> with your Pico name.

Guidelines :

1. Must be original , make sure its YOU to be in the picture.
2. Please make sure that when more that 1 Pico submit the same photo, the winner will be pick randomly.
3. Must be appropriate with all ages to view.
4. Make sure you post the picture with your Pico name.
5. Follow the instruction carefully to join the contest .If you fail to do so , you will be disqualified for the contest. For example, if you take the picture in the English Park, you picture will not be accepted for the contest.

Let's join the contest and try to win the chance for an exclusive interview by Picoholic!
And you can ask your friends to join it too! I hope that we can receive lots of submissions of your awesome pictures!

Lastly , I really want to thank all of my lovely readers for your support for Picoholic! And I promise to keep on writing more interesting articles for you guys!

Be a creative and fashionable Picoholic and join the contest!


۞źαƒяα ¢αωη۞ said...

umm daphne,do you have any suggestion for my blog?coz im so addict on ur articles on ur blog and i admire the colors,decorations,lettering of ur articles..i would like to have something like that too..can u teach me pls?

Patricia Ronidel said...

Hi Daphne! This is ♫Bubbles♫ I'm Willing To Join! :) Happy 500+ Likes Picoholic! :D

Marie Cat said...

Hey Daphne,Where do u got the clothes on this article?(the last one) They're Fabulous!Please answer.thx.P.S congratz for 500 likes!Huzzah!

Daphne said...

Lol thanks for the support and entries above. :D

And for Marie Cat :

The dress is bought at Rina Rina, its for wedding party, I dont know if u can still buy it now. Thanks ^^

♥ChocoLaPico♥ to ChocoLaPico™ said...

whypico.blogspot.com = Copycat. :( Saw it on event it says.. " Grand Phhto contest," Awwww. :(
And can it be, 4 pictures, because I pictured almost the cute part of ur room? :D

Mashimarosan & Little Kid said...

I will Join this! :D!! I love your fashion Daphne!! Happy 500 Likes,Picoholic!! ^_^

R a y ™ said...

Are we allowed to enter more than 1 picture on the same I.D?

Happy 500 likes btw :D

Daphne said...

Umm Thanks everyone for your support. And Sorry to tell that the maximum number of picture you can submit is 2. Please keep it 1-2. Thanks so much! The PHOTO CONTEST of us is of GREAT SUCCESS! Thanks everyone who have already submitted your entries. :D

Charmy said...

oh and have you visited ★hOwl★≧◡≦ he's place is nice like yours and Daphne ill keep supporting in your place!!!!!
and im always going to wait till new blog updates are here. have a nice day

,♥ your nice little fan charmy :-* GOD BLESS U

Daphne said...

Thanks for your support! I will keep it up with Picoholic! ^3^ hehe Thanks

dzzfd said...

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