18 July 2011

Winners of the Photo Contest

Hello all my lovely readers. Have you joined Picoholic's Photo Contest? Well, the contest is a great success! Thanks all of you for your support for Picoholic and its contest! :D We received more than 200 entries. And many of the pictures are very nice and cute. This really makes it hard for Zye and I to choose the winners. Remember all participant have to fulfill 2 criteria : Pastel Outfit and Creativity. And After a long and serious discussion between Zye and I , we have come out with the following winners 

This category is for those participants who dress really well in their pastel outfit <3

Pico Name :

She dressed so cute in her all pastel pink outfit <3
I  bet many girls would love to dress like her as Pink is usually the favourite colour of many girls!

Pico Name :
¾ Victoriiaaa.

She looks like a sweet and lovely pink princess! Haha I love her outfit so much :D See?! Even her hair is of pink colour! What a cute pink princess<3

Pico Name :

She is so cute dressing in her pastel outfit. Such a cute and lovely bunny celebrating for Picoholic ^3^

This category is for those pictures who are very creative! Although they may not dress very awesome in their pastel outfit , but their pictures are very CREATIVE!

Pico Name : нαρρу ραη∂α ღ

There is still long way until Christmas, but she is ready for making her wishes to the santa ^3^
Well, it will be a very nice gift for Daphne and Picoholic that we reach 1000 fans! May your dream comes true ! :)

Pico Name : Karinchuu

Thanks so much for your presents! I love them as their packing is sooo cute XD
Hahaha She really makes good use of the Pico action ! Look like she is really putting her gifts for me there! ^3^ Cute picture!

Pico Name : ¥akuZa║Ŧαηηyω

OMG, She is really falling! She is indeed falling in LOVE with Picoholic!
Thanks for your love for Picoholic ! ^3^  Luckily she is only falling in a cup! Lol :D

Here come the BEST three pictures among the more than 200 entries. How can your picture be the BEST? Well, they should be dress in awesome pastel outfit and the picture must be CREATIVE too ! Wow, is it hard to become the BEST? Yeah indeed.

Pico Name : duckie™
Well she is soooo cute in her pastel pink and blue outfit ! Making us really want to eat her ! Lol.
But she is actually innocent cause she only came to Daphne's room to celebrate! Sooo We shouldnt eat her! :D

Pico Name : £мїŁ¥♥JÅk£¥

Wow, she is praying. What is she praying for? Let me see.
She is praying for 1000 fans for Picoholic!! WOW! Thanks so much :)
I wish Picoholic reach 1000 fans soon ^3^

Pico Name : TraceyLPY

OMG! What a cute piggy! She is the Picoholic Piggy?
The mascot of Picoholic? Lol. What a cute Piggy dressing in pastel colour!!
Wanna give her a kiss and hug! <3

- The winners of the BEST 3 pictures will get a chance to be interviewed by Picoholic! -

Daphne will talk to u later to arrange the time for the interview. Thanks :D

As we received more than 200 pics for the contest, its very hard for Zye and I to choose the winners. There are actually LOTS of cute and lovely pictures. Now, let me share with you those lovely pictures.



         Date : 20th, July 2011

Time : 2:30am (PDT time) / 5:30pm (HKT)
The following is a Time Zone converter, use it to convert the time of your zone! )
Venue : Daphne's room on Pico

All the 8 winners ( 3 categories ) are invited to join this prize-giving ceremony and an after-party!
And other Picoholic's readers can join it too ! Remember to come to Daphne's room earlier at that time cause the room is full easily with 20 people maximum. Any person who is afk ( away from keyboard) during the event will be kicked ( but i will allow you come in again ).

The winners will be asked to go onto the stage 1 by 1 during the ceremony. Winners will be given some time to say something on the stage XD And all 8 winners can take a picture with Daphne and Zye ^3^

And for the 3 best pictures, 3 winners will be asked to have an interview with Daphne soon, we will arrange the time again later :D

This photo contest is indeed a GREAT SUCCESS for Picoholic! Thanks everyone for your entries and your support for us! Picoholic will surely do more events in the coming future! When will be the next special event? I bet it will be held when we got 1,000 fans!!


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:)) Its ok if i didnt win :D

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OMG!! Daphne!! im one of the other cute phots! thnk u daphne!!!

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